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Recently (Spring 2024)

Updated: Jun 4

I can’t kick off this post without first mentioning the Bournemouth Writing Festival.

Not only was it wonderful to be an attendee, but to have been involved in the delivery was an absolute treat!

My session: Unearth Your Voice went like a dream and I had some beautiful conversations afterwards.

Following teaching, it is always incredibly rewarding to hear positive feedback, and not only were those that came to my session kind and generous with their words, but the organisers themselves were, too.

A huge thank-you to Dominic and the team, and all of the volunteers!

So, what else has been happening?

Well, I am thinking ahead and to returning to teaching a weekly restorative yoga class.

So, perhaps Breathe & Be Yoga making a comeback.

Actually, I have come across a couple of amazing yoga teachers: Amy, and Nicky, and between them, they’ve been helping me (unawares) to reconnect with myself on those occasions where I feel I could really do with the additional guidance of someone else, to strengthen my personal practice.

And let’s face it, we all need this!

What else?

I am considering going back to school (I know - how cool!) to embark upon a part-time Masters programme!

And I’ve been writing proposals for a couple of upcoming local arts projects that really excite me.

Both nature-based and concerned with the environment - something I am getting more and more into.

In fact, I am also working with the wonderful SOBO Eco fayre to deliver a fun time to the Southbourne/Bournemouth community, with the focus on our beautiful Earth.

Meeting Rosie, who organises the event, was another highlight of the past month.

Needless to say, I am feeling incredibly inspired!

Image credit: Solid Imagery - Bournemouth Writing Festival

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