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My Journey So Far

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

My route to here, where I am today, has taken an interesting, winding path.

Upon first leaving university, I worked my way round London’s creative industries. Where I worked, for well over a decade, as an assistant. Helping to produce high-end fashion content for IPC‘s Marie Claire magazine, and one or two of Conde Nast‘s titles. As well as high-profile commercial campaigns for the likes of Marks and Spencer’s, Boots, Rimmel London and John Lewis… to name only a few.

But, by becoming more in-tune with myself (due to one reason or another), it was slowly revealed to me that while I enjoyed many aspects of the work, and although I met some wonderful people and had a lot of fun, I also had ethical and ecological concerns about working in the industry, and particularly in the area of fashion marketing and publishing.

As well as that, I realised I had some inner work to attend to. Having pushed a lot aside in the name of 'progress'.

Part of my gradual release from that whirlwind world was working part-time in the field of third-sector mental heath and wellbeing publishing and services. (During this time, I also offered my eye for detail to Oxfam by volunteering in my local branch and using only second-hand pieces in my own editorial fashion shoots.)

I absolutely adored this rewarding work, and it has been the basis of my interest in holistic wellness ever since.

It was as the editor of Sanctuary Magazine (the brainchild of the incredible Megan Aspel) that I was able to combine my creativity with the desire to help others.

Continuing in my attempts to fuse these energies in new projects has continued to be my focus.

As an aside, during this time, my writing also appeared in countless publications and online platforms, and I was commissioned for various content-writing assignments for a vast range of wellbeing-related companies and brands. I also worked on a number of high-profile mental health media campaigns, including for Comic Relief, Time To Change and C.A.L.M.

Then, I guess, in a nutshell, along came motherhood.

A quantum journey in itself, and as someone very clever once said:

“Motherhood is the quickest and steepest route to enlightenment!”

While I wouldn't go so far as to say I am 'enlightened', it's certainly been enlightening.

Becoming a mother, and wanting and needing to be raising my children - to be there for them - cracked a lot open in me.

This was followed soon after by a call to relocate to the seaside – which again was a very revealing lesson in its own right.

In amongst these life-changing transitions, I’ve been trying to respond to a deep urge to develop my personal writing projects, which include a children’s middle-grade wellbeing/kind-lit adventure story (for which I use a pen name) and a non-fiction book for the pregnancy/childbirth and yoga market.

Both of which only came about by slowing down and thinking about what I’d most like to be creating.

And so, here I am, writing this.

How does my journey influence my yoga?

My story demonstrates the power that stillness and a deeper awareness can bring; it can help us to get a chance to listen to the voice inside, and to find the courage to make changes where they are required.

And, please, let me assure you: it’s all very much a work in progress.

After all, that’s why yoga, meditation and mindfulness are all described as ‘practices’.

By embracing yoga, I have observed more peace within myself, and in my life in general.

When challenges present themselves, and they always do, I find that I can more quickly find a place of calm.

Even when I have a wobble – and I’m less wobbly and for not as long – I can better accept it, forgive myself and move on.

In fact, one of the most incredible things that I am forever learning about yoga is that it is a door that keeps on opening.

All of this culminates to being the driving force for seeking to become certified to share yoga. So that I can authentically pass-on what I am learning; essentially helping others to find more peace in their lives by finding more of it in my own.

Put simply, this blog is a document of my journey in to and through the wonderful practice that is yoga, and how it energises everything in my life – and I’d love to share it with you.

Because I never thought yoga was for me either; I was far ‘too busy’ being here, there and everywhere. Doing this and that, with far too many more important things to think about.

And now I can’t imagine my life without it.

I don’t know how I ever did.

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Louisa MF
Louisa MF
Dec 15, 2023

Thanks for reading it!


Davina Young
Nov 30, 2023

Love this, great read ♥️

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