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Recently: October ‘23

This world... sometimes it wrecks my head.

Currently there is war brewing in the Middle East. Untold brutalities are occurring.

I know I'm not a politician, but surely there has to be a diplomatic solution to this.

It is never found with bombs; it never has and it never will.

I don't know enough about the conflict in this part of the world, but I only call for peace.

We've got to urge calm and uphold international law. Otherwise, what's the point?

Since Covid, I've stayed away from the news, so it took me until Sunday to realise something horrific was going on.

At times like this, when I feel hopeless and helpless and when I feel the stress and worry bubbling at my core, I know I need to come back to my breath.

I can still breathe through this situation.

I can create calm within myself.

And I am allowed to feel uneasy through it.

It doesn't take a learned historian to understand that war in this area of the world is potentially calamitous.

One would have to live in a hole to not know that the issues between Palestine and Israel are deeply entrenched, and the situation, volatile. Trauma is on all sides.

I know I write these words as a way to channel my anxiety.

As a way to try and make sense of it.

To feel less out of control.

It's triggering, it reminds me of my reaction to the pandemic.

Something about it feels like impending doom.

I hope not.

I hope there will still be a way to avoid anymore bloodshed, and to keep some sense of order for the good of the entire world.

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